Attaching Wigs and Toupees

Learn methods for attaching wigs, toupees and hair pieces

Toupees, wigs and hair pieces can be a great way to address your hair loss problems without resulting to surgery. Hair pieces are also an easy way to change your style without committing to anything permanent. With the advances in technology surrounding hair pieces, today's wigs and toupees are virtually indistinguishable from your natural hair.

However, attaching wigs and toupees can mean the difference between an exciting new style and getting weird looks from the people around you. An ill-fitting toupee wig can be quite obvious, and will have the reverse effect from the stylish or slick look that you're trying to achieve. For many hair pieces, including hair weaves, there a number of different application options. For wigs and toupees, though, you're generally stuck choosing between clips and adhesives.

Custom Toupees and Wigs

For the best-looking fit, a custom toupee or wig is the way to go. Rather than simply picking something up off the shelf and hoping it will suit your head, shopping for a custom toupee is a lot like going to a tailor for custom clothes. A custom wig can offer you the right fit and shape so that your hair piece looks completely natural.

Purchasing a custom hair piece, while perhaps a little more expensive than just grabbing one from your local salon, can offer you the security of a good fit that doesn't leave you worrying about it slipping out of place or falling off. Also, because a custom piece is fitted to the dimensions of your scalp and also takes into consideration any natural hair that needs to be contained underneath, it will look more natural.

Toupee Tape

Attaching your wig or toupee is the most important step in ensuring that it looks completely natural. Toupee tape is an easy solution when you don't have time to mess around with clips or other adhesives. It's basically a double-sided tape that secures your toupee or wig to your scalp. However, you need to make sure that you're securing it to your scalp skin. Attaching the tape to your own natural hair will leave the hair piece less secure and can cause quite a bit of discomfort when you're trying to remove it.

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