Hair Implants

Get the facts on artificial hair implants and more

Hair loss is often caused by genetic or hormonal reasons, and hair implants can be a great, permanent way to deal with your problem. Hair implant costs vary, and they depend on several factors, such as the reason you're losing your hair, how much donor hair you have available (or if you need artificial hair implants), plus your location and the hair clinic you choose.

Hair implant procedures can also help you when you experience hair loss in other areas. Procedures such as eyebrow hair implants are quite common for women, and you may even find some men opting for chest hair implants.

However, hair implants aren't for everyone. If they aren't right for you, there are many other options to consider to treat your hair loss. You may find other surgical procedures, such as hair flap surgery or scalp reduction surgery, or other non-surgical options, such as hair weaves or wigs and toupees to deal with your hair loss.

Hair Implants for Women

Women experience hair loss for many reasons, including genetics, illness, medication or stress. Hair implants for women are an easy and permanent solution. Female hair implants are the same as male hair implants, and involve using donor hair to fill in thinning areas on the head. Older methods of implanting hair didn't work as well for women, since they were typically used to cover spotting baldness; most women suffer more frequently from thinning baldness all over the head. Today's techniques are better suited to women, and can use donor hair from several different areas to fill in thinning spots.

Hair Implants for Men

Hair implants for men, sometimes referred to as hair plugs, have been around for decades and are a great way to permanently address hair loss, whether it's thinning or bald spots. Donor hair, or sometimes artificial hair (although real hair is preferred to make it look and behave as your natural hair would), is surgically placed in areas that require coverage. Hair implants result in a real head of hair that grows and can be styled and played with the same as your natural hair.

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