Hair Loss Prevention

Find out how to prevent hair loss

For many people who notice signs of hair loss, their first thought is, "What can I do to stop it?" While some instances of hair loss can't be cured, for others there are methods of hair loss prevention available. If hair loss can't be prevented, then at the very least there are ways to stop any additional hair loss once the symptoms are noticed.

There is no one simple way to prevent hair loss, as most people don't think about it until the symptoms are already occurring. Preventing further hair loss is generally the trick. The best way to do this is to find out what's causing it. You should talk to your doctor if you notice signs of significant hair loss. He or she will be able to determine the cause, which may fall into these three categories:

  • Medical conditions. Hair loss can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. For example, hair loss is a common symptom of thyroid issues. It's also the symptom that leads many people to a diagnosis, as other symptoms, such as fatigue, are easily written off to the stress of daily life.
  • Genetics. Conditions like female and male pattern baldness are genetic, and are triggered by hormone levels in the body. Often, there is nothing you can do to prevent hair loss in these situations, but hair loss shampoo or hair restoration are treatment options.
  • Stress on the body. Pregnancy, trauma and other stresses on the body can all cause hair loss. Typically in these cases, the hair loss is not permanent and should reverse itself over time.

Additional Causes of Hair Loss

In some cases, hair loss is simply the result of not taking proper care of your hair. If your hair is brittle, dry or weak, it is more likely to fall out and may also take longer to grow back in. Common causes of this type of hair loss include:

  • Excessive hair dying or overuse of heated tools, such as hair dryers or flat irons.
  • Breakage and hair loss due to restrictive hair styles, such as tight braids or buns.
  • Improper diet (lack of protein).
  • Lack of sleep (irregular sleeping habits cause stress on the body, which can lead to hair loss).

In these cases, hair loss solutions are easily available—you simply need to identify and reverse or correct the behavior that is causing damage to your hair. Once you do this, you should notice that hair loss stops and that your hair is much healthier and stronger. 

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