Hair Loss Products

Learn about products that stimulate hair growth

Hair loss strikes many men and women of every age, and it can be an extremely embarrassing problem. Losing hair can be alarming, but luckily there are many hair loss products available to both stimulate hair growth and cover the loss of hair cosmetically, without having to resort to invasive surgical methods. While no one wants to lose their hair, modern methods of re-stimulating the scalp and covering the hair loss can make baldness less of a problem for many people.

Causes of hair loss can vary, but 95% of hair loss is hereditary. Contrary to popular belief, hair loss does not just affect men. It can strike both sexes and can appear at any age. Male pattern baldness, however, is the more visible subset of this problem. Hair growth products can stall hair loss and actually encourage regrowth of the lost hair.

Types of products for hair loss

Depending on the individual's desire for regrowth of hair, hair loss remedies can vary from drugs to stimulate hair growth to cosmetic methods to make it appear that the hair has never been lost. Medical drugs for hair loss include Rogaine and Propecia, which help to resist hair loss and promote regrowth. Laser hair growth is also becoming an option for people who don't want to try hair plugs or other invasive methods. These methods are very successful for many people, but they do tend to cost quite a lot and take a lot of time and patience to work. For those people who want a solution immediately and cheaply, medical hair growth treatments may not be the best choice.

Cosmetic hair remedies may be the answer for these people, then. Hair extensions, special volumizing shampoo, and natural hair loss treatments may work for those who don't want to utilize medical methods, or who are looking for a short-term solution while their hair restoration treatments are working. These solutions can be found over the counter or through any pharmacy, and don't require the help of a doctor.

While hair loss can be embarrassing and upsetting, there are methods available to help stimulate hair regrowth and provide cosmetic relief to this often genetic problem.

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