Hair Loss Remedies

Discover hair treatments that prevent baldness

Hair loss can be an extremely embarrassing condition that affects men, women and children. While there are many medical hair treatments available to stop or slow down the effects of hair loss, many people may be hesitant or unwilling to use chemicals on their hair or skin that could potentially have long-term harmful effects. In this case, there are natural hair loss remedies available to help slow down the effects of hair loss. Hair loss remedies should always be discussed with your doctor or medical professional, however, before trying anything.

Medical hair restoration remedies include Propecia or Rogaine, but if you want to use a natural remedy, you will want to stay away from these chemical-based treatments. Instead, you may want to take vitamins or use herbal or natural hair loss treatments in order to naturally stimulate the hair follicles. Hair follicles tend to go dormant in cases of hair loss, so these remedies may help to bring them back to an active state. However, natural hair treatments may not always work—they do not tend to inhibit DHT, the hormone that is thought to cause hair loss.

Do natural thinning hair remedies actually work?

While natural remedies may appear to work, chances are, like any baldness treatment, they will stop working when they are not being taken anymore. However, hair growth vitamins and massaging the scalp may help to prevent hair from falling out. See a naturopath or herbal practitioner to see if you can find vitamins that may work for you. Beware of bogus reports of miracle hair remedies online, though—only your medical practitioner can help you decide what remedies will work and be best for you.

Men's and women's hair loss treatment are not the same, and in fact, one natural remedy may work better than another for different types of hair loss. Make sure that whatever hair loss treatment you use, you are eating well and exercising to prevent any other health problems from exacerbating your hair loss. Always talk to your doctor before starting any hair loss treatment to go over side effects and potential issues that may arise.

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