Hair Replacement

Learn about non surgical hair replacement options

Hair replacement surgery (such as hair plugs) can be a big commitment to make, but hair restoration surgery, while an optional cosmetic procedure, is still a serious and risky medical option that should only be undertaken after careful consideration. Surgery may not be the solution for everyone, particularly those who are at high risk for surgical procedures or who have trouble with anesthesia or healing. Many women may also find that several of the surgical solutions available for hair replacement don't treat the type of hair loss they're experiencing, particularly because women usually experience all-over hair thinning rather than the typical spotting baldness found in men.

Hair replacement doesn't have to mean that you're going under the knife. There are many different options available to you to treat hair loss non-surgically. Furthermore, hair pieces for everyone are increasing in popularity, so it's more socially acceptable these days to cover up hair loss with wigs and toupees or add to your own hair with hair weaves.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-surgical hair replacement covers all kinds of different options, from hair styling to adding faux hair. Many people even consider laser hair transplants, like laser hair removal, to be non-surgical, since it involves the use of lasers over the skin.

Non-surgical hair replacement is generally easier and less expensive than surgical options, although they typically aren't as permanent. The great thing about non-surgical options is that you can choose your own look and you're not limited by the type and color of hair that you naturally grow. You can also more easily change the look of non-surgical hair replacement solutions.

Hair Replacement for Men

Many people don't consider non-surgical options for hair replacement for men because of the stigma of the toupee. However, it should only be the obvious toupee that gets the bad rap! With advances in technology and the development of both real and fake hair replacements such as wigs and hair weaves, the choice to wear a toupee, as long as you take the time and money to find one that suits you and fits well enough to be unnoticeable, is no big deal.

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