Hair Transplant Surgeons

How to find the best hair transplant specialists

Hair transplant surgeons, often also called hair loss doctors, specialize in the treatment and prevention of hair loss. However, in the United States, there are no special qualifications needed, beyond a standard medical degree, to operate as hair transplant specialists, so you have to make sure you're taking the time to investigate several surgeons.

When you're looking for hair loss surgeons, look first for people who have undergone the procedure that you want done. Because hair implants will be with you for the rest of your life, and because hair transplant costs make the surgery a big commitment, you want to ensure that you're getting the best you can. That means not only considering the result of the surgery, but also looking at elements of the surgery itself, including procedure, cost, time commitment and side effects. Furthermore, make sure that the surgeon you choose has demonstrated the ability to give you the experience you want and the results you expect.

Hair Transplant Donors

Your hair transplant surgeon can also assist you in the process of finding the right hair transplant donor. For many patients, donor hair will be harvested from their own heads, taking hair from areas that haven't suffered as much loss and using it to replace that which has fallen out of other areas. Some hair transplant clinics are also experimenting with using body hair transplants; that is, using hair from other parts of their bodies.

Your hair transplant density will depend on several factors. Since the thickness of your hair is the main concern when undergoing hair transplant surgery, you want to make sure that the type of surgery you choose, as well as the hair transplant donor you select, will result in the look you want.

Hair Replacement Systems

Hair replacement systems have the power to not only rebuild your head of hair, but also to rebuild your self-confidence and positive self-image. You have several different options available to you, from using faux hair to following through with complete hair replacement surgery, and you should discuss these options with your hair loss surgeon before you decide to commit to a plan of action.

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