Hair Weaves

Are human hair weaves the best?

Hair weaves have become all the rage in many social circles. Once considered only as black hair weaves in the domain of the African-American community, weaves, particularly human hair weaves, are now used by anyone who wants to add length and fullness to their hair, or just to simply change their look.

Whether you're looking to add extreme length, fill in thinning spots or simply want curly hair weaves, you can use hair weaves as an easy and long-lasting solution to hair loss that spares you the trauma of hair transplant surgery such as hair implants or hair flap surgery.

Human hair weaves, also called Remy hair weaves or cuticle hair weaves, have become a quick favorite for those looking to add to their own hair. While it's possible to get faux hair weaves, and many people opt for a less expensive combination of faux and real hair, there are still many who will fork out the extra cash for real hair. However, remember that if you purchase human hair weaves, you're going to have to take extra care of your hairpiece to avoid damaging it. Synthetic hair is able to stand up to more abuse than real hair, and as such, you have to make sure you take special precautions with your real hair weave to make sure it lasts.

Sewn-In Hair Weaves

There are several different ways to have hair weaves applied to your hair, from clip-on to glue-in to sewn-in hair weaves. Clip-on hair weaves are considered temporary hair solutions and are often used to add volume or length to a style that will only last the evening. They're great if you're looking for a quick change in your style. Glue-in and sewn-in hair weaves are more permanent solutions to hair loss and need to be applied by a professional. Glue-in weaves consist of individual clumps of hair that can be attached at the root of your own hair throughout your scalp, while sewn-in weaves are usually similar to wigs or hair pieces that are sewn into your own hair, which has been braided.

Hair Weaves for Men

Hair weaves for men are quickly becoming more common. However, it can be difficult for some men who experience patchy baldness to find a weave that will cover the affected spot. Weaves tend to be used in combination with your own hair, so if you don't have any, there is little your stylist can do to attach a weave to your head.

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